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 We love telling stories in both animation and live action. Theses are some of our favourites.

UK-SA Tech Hub

The Outnumber Project UK

ShonaStander – Introduction

Amnesty International: Behind The Scenes

Money Aviation – Aircraft Walkthrough

WWF Plastics Pact

Stellenbosch University – Case Study

Delta H2020

Peppa Wishes For Kids

Sosimple – Cheap, clean energy for businesses

Entelect Challenge 2021

Conlog wBEC Range in 3D

Conlog Overview 2021

Connectable Life – Social

C-Suite Fundamental Overview

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We use video to build & educate audiences

Video is the medium, and your mission is the story.

We like to think that the videos we produce go on to have lives of their own. We have a unique problem-solving approach to producing our video assets, helping you to better communicate with key audiences. From live action to animation, we’ve worked with both ambitious new startups and large brands & global organisations across software, renewables, utilities, professional services and more.

Lake Productions’ animation studio produces outstanding 2D & 3D animated material, ideal for sharing new concepts, creating training libraries and simplifying complex messages.

Our portfolio & services are geared at creating long-term relationships in new, niche markets.

Live action




Learning content development

Live action





We’ve created a free online course dedicated to upskilling
digital teams on the fundamentals of

Video Production for Business

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We are Lake Productions, based in Cape Town, Valencia and London.

We are Alex, Hayden, Debbie and Owain. Plus a whole bunch of great people we work with all over the world.

Our mission is to create a smarter, more digitally inclusive planet through compelling creative video assets. Video can empower people to get involved with the causes and solutions they believe will make a difference for generations to come – and we’re driving that.

Aside from that, we’re a bunch of creatives who love to work, travel and enjoy a good paneer tikka masala as much as anybody. Hate jargon and comfort zones. Love new challenges and chai lattes.


Co-founder, Commercial Director & Fretless Bass Noodler


Co-founder, Creative Director & Chili Sauce Expert


Animation & Illustration Duo Extraordinaires


Production Manager & Spreadsheet Queen

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